Creative’s commitment to ethical behavior

Creative Associates International is committed to ethical behavior in all of its activities and has robust compliance and ethics programs that are aligned with its corporate values and U.S. law.

Key elements of Creative’s programs include written compliance standards and procedures, ongoing employee training, regular audit evaluation and monitoring the effectiveness of the compliance plan, a reporting process for complaints and concerns and more.


Business Code of Ethics

Creative has developed a framework to ensure all business is conducted morally, ethically and in the spirit of public accountability in conformity with applicable laws, regulations, and practices common to other corporations and governmental agencies. Creative’s staff, implementing partners, and subcontractors are required to adhere to these ethical business standards and procedures.

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Combatting Trafficking in Persons Compliance Plan

Creative’s Combating Trafficking in Persons Compliance Plan is available for download here.

It has three main anchors, which include: prohibitions—to ensure that Creative’s zero tolerance for anti-trafficking is publicized and clearly set forth;  prevention –to specify actions that Creative will take to help prevent trafficking behaviors from occurring; and recourse—to specify reviews and actions that will be taken if anti-trafficking is suspected or if it occurs.

Procurement Policy

Creative’s policy is designed to ensure fairness, transparency and demonstrate that the organization is a good steward of its clients’ resources when soliciting, evaluating and selecting vendors.

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Conflicts of Interests Policies

In upholding its reputation for integrity in programming, it is the policy of Creative to ensure that an employee’s authority and influence solely benefits the project and the operations of the project.

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Reporting Fraud, Allegations of Fraud and Misconduct Policy

Creative will report to appropriate authorities all allegations of fraud and misconduct, as well as support efforts to ascertain their credibility. Creative’s Security Department receives, reviews, investigates and properly disposes of all allegations of fraud and misconduct.

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Child Protection Policy

Creative seeks to ensure that children are safeguarded and their welfare is promoted in respect to their participation in activities in which the company is involved.
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